The RunDown

The RunDown

Mr. Principe Returns to RD

Arianna Rama
Mr. Jeff Principe.

Current vice principal, Mrs. Correa, has left on maternity leave to care for her second baby, Hudson.  In her absence, Mr. Principe has returned.

Everyone is excited to have Mr. Principe back.  Mr. Pepe says that “it’s great to see him” and that he is “absolutely ecstatic to have his leadership back.”

Mr. Pepe also shared that not only are faculty members delighted for Mr. Principe return but he has also seen many students thrilled to see Mr. Principe back in the halls. Students’ excitement shows the positive impact that Mr. Principe had during his previous years at River Dell.

Nevertheless, no one is more excited than Mr. Principe himself.

Mr. Principe’s passion for the River Dell school community is incomparable. Even in his retirement, he has come back to River Dell for events like The Hawks Café, football games, etc.

Prior to retiring, Mr. Principe had numerous responsibilities as he was in charge of guidance and the general operations of the building. However, coming back to cover for Mrs. Correa has been a different experience for him.  In this second act, Mr. Principe has been able to focus on his favorite part of the job: speaking with students and faculty.

Mr. Principes says it is an “opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life”.

He believes that working in education is “really important, especially the way the world is today, I think you need people to help younger people find the right direction.”

Overall, River Dell is so grateful to have Mr. Principe back for this time as a role model and familiar face.

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