The RunDown

The RunDown

Junior Class Halloween Dance Canceled

Originally scheduled for October 25th, the 11th grade Halloween dance was canceled because of a lack of money and interest.
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This year’s Junior class had a spooky celebration scheduled by the junior class advisor, Mrs. Arlak, and the Junior class president, Zeynep Turkeri. This night was supposed to be filled with food, dancing, and frightening fun!

For the dance to be up and running, they needed 85 students minimum to turn in the permission slips and twenty dollars for a ticket. Only two slips were handed in out of the 262 students total in the Junior class.

The school had already pre-paid the DJ, so the loss of money is frustrating. Some students felt that $20 dollars was too much considering that they still need to raise money for the junior and senior prom.

Zeynep Turkeri explained that, “Next time we should reach out to more students and receive feedback and what kind of things would make them more excited to go.”

The Juniors also felt that another dance is too repetitive. Since they already have the Junior prom, another dance in the beginning of the year this seemed to them to be unoriginal. Mrs. Arlak and Zeynep are working on an alternate activity for the class.

Zeynep asked a couple of her friends what they thought, “I would rather have a separate event. Not a dance. Maybe like a trip like the thing the seniors did at six flags.”

River Dell is always trying to come up with new ways to bring the students together and make them excited about being a hawk.

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