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The RunDown

Fans Head Swiftly to Eras Tour Movie

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Many huge Taylor Swift fans weren’t able to attend the Eras Tour this year, because of exorbitant prices.  When the Eras Tour Film was announced, fans were ecstatic to realize that they still had a chance to experience the fun from the comfort of their local theatre for a fraction of the price.  Two Taylor Swift fans, Hannah Clancy, and Abigail Bartelloni, weren’t able to attend the concert, but thought that the film was the next best thing. 

Hannah Clancy, a fan from the beginning, didn’t get to go to the Eras Tour but did go to Swift’s 1989 and Reputation tours years before.  Clancy appreciated that everyone watching the movie was very respectful and wasn’t disruptive.  Hannah said, “There was a lot of singing, and more dancing from the younger girls who were sitting all the way in the back, so they weren’t disrupting anyone, but they were still up and dancing around”.  Although it was a recording of the concert, the film is a great alternative for any fans who weren’t able to obtain tickets during The Great War of Ticketmaster. 

Abigail Bartelloni, who knows every word of every song and will always sing along, sees Swift’s music as one way to relieve stress in her life. “My expectations were met and even went beyond my expectations. I was left speechless and yearned to go back to the movie and do it all over again.  Taylor Swift’s music, although this may seem corny, is an outlet for a lot of helpless people who are just trying to figure out life. Sitting in the theater along with my friends, kicking our feet out of excitement, with many other strangers felt comforting, which is what the purpose of the concert is.” 

In this day in age, with so much to worry about, any reason to go out to sing, dance and be happy is an amazing alternative to all the other vices people use to reduce stress.    

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