The RunDown

The RunDown

Ridellion, Lit Mag, & Yearbook Staff attend Journalism Conference

On November 6th, River Dell’s Ridellion, Literary Magazine, & the Yearbook Staff attended the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s (CSPA) 83rd annual fall conference.  

The conference took place at Columbia University, where undergraduate students had the opportunity to attend workshops of their choosing and meet with faculty advisors and professors through educational conferences, critiques, and award programs.                                     

It was founded in 1925, where student journalists and faculty advisors from different schools all around the country come together and engage in shared learning.  

These workshops give students guidance and leadership skills on issues that occur in our world today, such as misinformation, AI, social and political problems, and press freedoms that could affect the newsroom. 

Jack Silane, a senior at River Dell, went on the trip to CSPA and had quite a positive experience. “The workshops were very informative and gave me greater insight on how I write and interview.”  

“My favorite workshop from the day was Poetry: The Language of Music, because it allowed me to write in a stream of consciousness” Silane stated.  

According to the CSPA Staff, over 1,200 undergrad students and advisors gathered for the Fall Conference. It also offers students the opportunity to sign up for Columbia’s summer program for undergrads with a specific focus. 

The CSPA reinforces the significance of scholastic journalism and provides resources for its nourishment. The Lit Mag, Ridellion, and Yearbook truly enjoyed their day at Columbia, and would go back if given the chance to. Go hawks! 

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