The RunDown

The RunDown

Pumped up for Pumpkins

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On November 20th, Best Buddies geared up the River-Dell community for the upcoming Fall break with their themed event: Pumped Up for Pumpkins.

Games offered included pumpkin tic tac toe, pumpkin bingo, pumpkin trivia, pumpkin drawing, and pumpkin workouts.

Advisors Mrs. Lamparillo and Ms. Altman enjoyed putting the event together.  Ms. Altman mentioned, “The goal is to get interaction between the big and little buddies, the games help us form special bonds between the two,” says Ms. Altman.

Lamparillo and Altman chose the games specifically to stimulate all aspects of the brain. “Communication, hand eye coordination, physical activity all help to stimulate the brain, and provide fun times,” explained Altman.  Best Buddies is focused on self-improvement with the help of your peers while also maintaining a happy and fun environment.

One special bond formed through the group is between Kiera Caslin and Erin Keely. At the start of every year, Best Buddies hosts an event to pair a big buddy and a little buddy. This past year, the event was a smiley face matching game that paired the two once again.

Kiera Caslin, President of Best Buddies, explained, “This isn’t a one and done friendship…we text each other about our lives.”

Co-President Jonah Nippes expressed his love for the club through his shared connections as well. Unfortunately, John, the President’s little buddy was not in attendance at Pumped up for Pumpkins. “John and I transformed from big and little buddy…to big and little brother,” said Nippes.

Jonah Nippes first participated in Best Buddies as a freshman and fell in love with the club. “The advisors work hard on coordinating, their passion is a beacon of light for all of us,” quoted the President. While giving up time on school nights may be a burden to most, it serves as a second family and home to Nippes and everyone involved in the process. A little buddy who is only a freshman but has become a great friend to everyone involved is Lucas Gabay. The freshman could be heard chanting, “PUMPED UP FOR PUMPKINS.” Gabay has been involved in Best Buddies since he was in seventh grade and has enjoyed every moment.

With the conclusion of Pumped up for Pumpkins, Mrs. Lamparillo and Ms. Altman left the joyful River Dell cafeteria feeling accomplished.  Experiencing the sense of community that Best Buddies offer is second to none. Best Buddies isn’t just a club to hang around, it’s truly another family.

Conor Yeandle getting pied by Mason Nagle. (Ms. Altman)
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