Pricilla - Review

Pricilla – Review

 Sofia Coppola’s newest film, “Pricilla”, captures the life of a young woman navigating her way through the complexities of, love, femininity, identity and self-discovery while still maintaining the role of the king of rock and roll’s wife. With its powerful story line and breathtaking performances from actors such as Jacob Elordi and Cailee Spaeny, it is sure to keep viewers pondering long after the credits roll.  

            Sofia Coppola has been know to make influential, female based movies since 1999, with her feature directional debut, “The Virgin Suicides”. This film earned more than $10.4 million at the box office and is recognized as a cult classic for its representation of adolescent angst and feminine themes. Comparable to her debut film, Pricilla focuses on similar keynotes, with the characters we all know and love.  

            Throughout the movie, new facts were found out about the king and his abusive habits that very few people knew before.  “Priscilla” illustrates Elvis’ customs in his household, towards his loving wife.   Sophomore, Maddy Connor, who saw the film, spoke to us about how Priscilla was treated in real life and the horrible conditions she endured that were ultimately normalized.  “The movie showcased a woman who didn’t want to leave her abuser because she was in love with him and a man who justified cheating on his wife because he claimed to love her. When watching the movie you almost see nothing wrong with their relationship until you think about the real facts and soon realize its unsettling.” 

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