The RunDown

The RunDown

Spiking for a Cause

RDHS hosts successful volleyball fundraiser.
Players really “digging” the competition.

On Thursday, November 16th, River Dell High School held its long anticipated volleyball tournament, attracting competitive students from across the school. The event, organized by senior class president Drew Vaccaro and his team, turned out to be a huge success, generating both funds and school spirit.

Vice President A.J. O’Leary initially felt pressured to sign up for the tournament, but soon realized the benefits of participating. “Team bonding in practice was a huge advantage because after practicing, we were able to communicate more and learn skills from each other,” A.J. said.

Teams found ways to practice despite the cold weather, even utilizing public outdoor courts at Paramus High School. The winning team, named “Queso,” took their dedication to the next level by practicing against competing teams and playing for their church’s volleyball team.

AJ’s team, “Half and Half,” under the coaching of Olivia Hanna, quickly picked up on strategies, effectively countering their opponents’ moves.

The event featured eight teams, each consisting of six players and two substitutes. Erin McCabe, an experienced player on the River Dell Varsity volleyball team volunteered to be the referee. She did a great job to make sure the games were fair and competitive.

The tournament proved to be a great fundraiser for the senior class, with a $24 entry fee for participating teams and a $2 admission fee for spectators.

Although the turnout for the event was not as high as anticipated, around 50 students still attended, resulting in a considerable sum raised. AJ attributed the lower turnout to the event being held after school, when students were tired and eager to go home.

Originally planned for senior class participants only, the organizers later opened the tournament to all grades due to limited team sign-ups.

The winning team, “Queso,” celebrated their victory with a repurposed trophy from a previous cheer competition and a $60 gift card to Joseph’s Pizzeria.


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