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Game or Gaming Platform? Fortnite Expands its Reach.

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Legos getting ready to apparently shoot each other.

Fortnite’s new season has been an even bigger hit than ever expected. The new season broke the record that was set by Fortnite OG, at over 7 million players playing at one time. Fortnite OG brought back millions of old players and new players making the game bigger than ever. The return of the original map brought nostalgia and excitement to old players and something fresh and new to new players.  

The rise of players gave Fortnite an opportunity to do something new.  This present season changed Fortnite into something that isn’t just a battle royale but a series of new games modes that allow players to experience the game in different ways.

More game modes will be added in the future and continue to feed players content and get them to continue playing. Something new and fresh to keep the enjoyability of the game up. 

The first new game mode and the biggest game mode is Lego Fortnite. Lego Fortnite is a survival game mode where players turn into a Lego version of their Fortnite character. Players get resources, create bases and fight monsters in this Lego themed Fortnite survival-based game. Players work together to fight monsters that can range from wolves to ginormous beasts. They build houses, create farms, and get resources to create their own unique villages.

Lego Fortnite has been a huge success as it has had more players than the actual battle royale game. According to Lego Fortnite has over 2 million players while the normal Battle royale has around a quarter of that.  

Other game modes such as Fortnite’s new Rocket Racing have also brought new players to the game. While not as successful, rocket racing and ranked rocket racing still has around a couple hundred thousand players according to Rocket Racing is a racing game with a rocket league, another one of Epic’s games, feel and play style. The game mode has a wide range of different tracks and courses to play on and allows players to experience different racing styles. The cars can boost, jump, fly and even drive upside-down and on walls.  

Fortnite’s third and final game mode, Fortnite Festival, is a guitar hero-style music game. Players team up and create a band where they play songs on instruments of their choosing. The players must time the notes to perfectly reenact their favorite songs. Many songs have been added into the game but the mainly songs by The Weekend. The Weekend has his own skin and many of his songs in the game to play. The game mode has not been as successful as the others.

All these new game modes have added to the Fortnite experience and created a platform for people to play different games without even having to get off Fortnite. This season battle royale is not nearly as big as last seasons with. The map is a European style, where each location is based off a different country. All the battle royale game modes have had around couple million combined players according to This seasons battle royale still has been successful despite the other game modes taking popularity.

The game is generally good besides one main factor: the movement.  

This season the movement has been drastically reduced, as players run and walk slower. This has been a huge complaint throughout the community and many players have played less because of it.

But not everyone feels this way as Chris Dong, a sophomore at River Dell, feels “the new movement is honestly terrible… and makes me have to play more conservative but the game is still fun”. Players enjoy the new season and all the additions, but the movement makes players change their play style. They must be more uptight and stationary so they can survive.  

The season has changed Fortnite for the better allowing Fortnite to add new game modes as the game expands. The new season is just the tip of the ice burg for Fortnite as who knows what the future of Fortnite comes to hold.  

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