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Mean Girls – Review

Although the poster claims that plastic is forever according to Google it only takes 20-500 years for plastic to decompose; significantly shorter than forever.
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Although the poster claims that “plastic is forever” according to Google it only takes 20-500 years for plastic to decompose; significantly shorter than “forever.”

The 2004 comedy “Mean Girls” notably starring Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Seyfreid has been a classic for teenage girls looking for the perfect guilty pleasure movie to enjoy with friends due to its relatability and humor. With it just being over four years since Mean Girls: The Musical left Broadway, super fans have been awaiting their next obsession.

Ms. Ferrandi, a super fan of all things Mean Girls, believes it has had such a successful run because “the themes are still relatable to the youth today. Everybody experiences a time in their life where they want to fit in, and they pick the wrong people to hang out with until they recognize that they need to be true to themselves.” 

Luckily for Ms. Ferrandi and all of America, the new Mean Girls Movie released January 12th in theatres nationwide. Renee Rap returned from playing Regina George on Broadway and into this flic and in turn, brought all the hits with her.

The story follows Kady Heron, a seemingly innocent teenage girl, in her move from South Africa to America, and the cultural shock that comes with that displacement.

She finds herself wrapped up in a clique named “The Plastics,” which were the most popular and are… well…the mean girls at North Shore High.

Kady quickly learns how cruel and cunning kids can be to remain relevant as she fell victim to them as well. Kady struggles to balance making new friends but also sticking to her morals.

This movie was generally enjoyable to see a new take on the incredibly iconic 2000’s comedy. Though, the directors attempt to incorporate trends and influencers from recent times may be thought of as tacky.

A student at River Dell, recently saw the film, and expressed her opinions. “For me, I feel like the movie was too modern and didn’t really show our generation any good,” said Isabel Vartanian,

“From the makeup looks, to the costumes, and especially some of the dance scenes,” continued Vartanian. 

Super fans of the musical may relish in this new version, but nothing will beat the iconic 2004 flick.

Regardless, this new remake is definitely worth a watch.

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