The RunDown

The RunDown

A Tubular Trip

Snowtubing at Campgaw.

Guess the groundhog didn’t get the memo, because the Class of 2025 enjoyed a fun day of snow tubing last Thursday, February 1st.

The Students left on the bus after 2nd period and headed to Campgaw Mountain in Mahwah NJ. Over 115 kids from the junior class attended, hauled their snow gear, and tubed down the mountain resulting in the 2nd successful junior trip.

Before attending, Junior Erin O’Shea, explained that she was optimistic about the trip because it was something different. “I’m looking forward to going on the trip because I want a day to just go somewhere different and hang out with my friends. I’ve been stressed out with school lately and even though I’ll need to make up work when I get home, it will be a fun and different day than what I’m used to on a random Thursday”.

She also explained, “I’m excited to be going snow tubing because haven’t heard about anyone who has gone to Camp Gaw for a field trip, so I’m excited to see how it’s different than what most people have done.

Although most of the juniors attended the trip, some couldn’t due to academic reasons. Junior John Kelleher had to miss the trip. “I didn’t go on the trip because I had a pre-calc quiz that I couldn’t miss”.

Even though some students missed the opportunity to experience the snow tubing trip, hopefully, other trips will be offered in the future. For the students that did attend the trip, it is clear that the tubing trip to Campgaw was a great success.

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