The RunDown

The RunDown

Junior Prom Proves Magical

Charlie Kavan and Natalie Spitzer pose in what is, perhaps, the quintessential prom photo.


This year’s Junior Prom on March 7th sparked some controversy as underclassmen, upperclassmen, and out of school guests attended more than ever. A soaring 75 students out of over 200 were either from out of the school or grade.

Mrs. Arlak, their class advisor, mentioned, “it’s a good thing though, it benefits their class because the money will be used towards senior events and gifts.”

The rush began late last year where students were eager to secure a date, giving themselves peace of mind. It became abundantly clear that more students than normal immediately began looking elsewhere than in their own junior class. As more and more students began doing this, it created an outflow of available dates within the grade, forcing more students to look to other grades.

Despite the stress it brought many students, the date saga ended up being worth it, making this one of the most successful in comparison to the years past.

Students and their dates were welcomed by staff, leading them over a moor, and into a brightly lit chandelier hall. All sorts of comfort food such as mac and cheese, chicken tenders and tacos were offered throughout their cocktail hour. Once it hit 7pm, students were led to the main venue and were welcomed with music and an open dance floor. Students were barely seated for more than 20 minutes as the DJ’s playlist accommodated their taste.

Students were able to let loose, have a good time, and show what is means to be a hawk.

Olivia Palladino, a senior, shared that she enjoyed prom. “The DJ was good; he was the same DJ as our senior social but was a lot better at junior prom.”

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