Create long-form stories with the immersive templates

    Create long-form stories with the immersive templates

    This story is currently using the Immersive Photo Story Page Template.

    Every story has five default options for its story page: Full-Width, Single Sidebar, Immersive Photo, Immersive Half Photo and Dual Sidebars*. Simply, select which you would like in the box at the top of the right column of the Edit Story page. 

    The Immersive Photo and Immersive Half Photo Templates showcase drop caps on the first line of the story, the ability to add segments, a minimal header, and immersive photos (see above). We recommend using the Immersive Photo template for horizontal images and the Immersive Half Photo template for vertical images. The Immersive Photo default settings can be customized on the SNO Design Options page under the options for Story Page Templates using the Story Template Editor.

    *The Dual Sidebars template is only available if your site is set to display at 1200 pixels wide or greater. The site width can be adjusted in SNO Design Options under the options for Appearance.

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