The RunDown

The RunDown

Boy’s Tennis Looks to Repeat Last Year’s Success

The Boys Tennis team preparing for their season.

The 2024 River Dell Boys Tennis season is about to start, and they look to continue the success the had last year.

The 2023 season was one of the best in program history. The team finished with a 14-6 record, but Coach Loria believes, “The expectations are to be just as good if not better.”

This will be Coach Loria’s third season as the boy’s tennis coach, and he has seen nothing but success since he’s been in charge. The team last year was made up of all underclassmen, so it is roughly the same this year. Their experience will be a crucial factor in their success this year.
Coach Loria also thinks the team is well rounded and “can compete at each level,” meaning the squad is balanced from top to bottom.

The varsity roster is made up of seven people. The three singles players Matt Kim who, “Believes the team can be even better this year”, Bobby Canfield, and leader Kyle Li look to retain their spots and continue their success. While the two doubles teams consisting of Leo Tarascio and Darsh Patel, as well as Tristan Hooper and sophomore Jedrick Calamig who is, “excited for the season, hoping to expand on last year’s success” these doubles teams will be crucial in deciding each match.

Matches are scored in a best of five series. The three singles matches all count for one point, as do the two doubles matches. The school that wins three or more of the matches will take home the win.

One of the goals going into the season is to defeat rival Pascack Hills. Hills has won the division 20 times in the last 21 years. Last season the team was the closest they had ever been to defeating them and they will try to finally get over the hump and take down the favorites.

River Dell was first in Power Points in their state section due to their harsh schedule and ability to beat good teams. They look to repeat this again as they have an even harder schedule adding teams like Montclair who was in the top 20 in the state two years ago, as well as Old Tappan who won their state section last year.

On the JV level there is a new coach, alumni Matt Doran. Doran graduated from River Dell in 2018 and was a key part on a 15-4 squad who made it to the state semifinals. Doran led the best team in recent history and will spread his knowledge to the younger players, brightening the future of the Boys Tennis program.

Due to the hard schedule Coach Loria says his team has to, “Fight for every win,” he preaches to his players to, “find the line between fun and competitive drive.”

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