The RunDown

The RunDown

2024 Lip Dub Still Alive

Grace McQueeny poses in the TV Studio at RD.
Olivia Power
Grace McQueeny poses in the TV Studio at RD.

So, the question everyone is wondering in the halls of River Dell High School is…will the lip dub go on? And the answer is…YES!  

The news that the lip dub will be happening after all has spread like wildfire throughout the school. Students and seniors who had given up and accepted that this tradition would not happen this year are now thrilled at the chance of being able to participate in something so fun and memorable this upcoming May. 

For those who may not know the lip dub is a music video that has the seniors who would like to participate dance backwards lip syncing to popular songs while the hallways and gym are filled with students dancing. It can be compared to as the same excitement as a pep rally if not more.  

The decision to move forward with the lip dub was not taken lightly.  

Grace McQueeney, a senior and member of the TV Media class, knew that if the lip dub was going to happen she would need help from the school community.  

This year the TV media class has only 13 seniors that can organize the lip dub, and it is not an easy task. Knowing that the 2024 class is small and so is the TV media numbers, Grace reached out to the Student Government Organization (SGO) and other students, asking for their support in organizing and executing the event. The response was positive, with students ready to pitch in and make the lip dub happen. 

Planning for the lip dub is already underway, with the students discussing song choices, filming locations, and groups. The TV Media Class will be hard at work remixing and connecting popular songs and making sure seniors will be coordinating dancing with their friend group.  

Seniors who wish to participate are being asked to sign up and submit audition tapes to ensure that they are ready to get out there and dance. 

One of the biggest challenges facing the organizers is ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day of filming. With so many moving parts and a limited amount of time to get everything done, every detail must be carefully planned and executed.

Mr. Pepe, the principal of River Dell, expressed the biggest concern he saw planning the lip dub: “I think the biggest issue was finding a date that works for everyone — planning for a date that doesn’t land on any field trips or ap testing in the busy spring season.”

Another concern he had was making it a date that allows enough time for the tv students to be able to edit and post it before the end of the school year.

As of right now there is no set date that it will be happening, but Pepe wants the best for the students so that no will have to miss it.  

From coordinating sports teams and cheerleaders for special shots to making sure that every student in the hallways and gym is energized and dancing, there is a lot to consider.  

As the lack of energy of surrounding students tends to be a reoccurring problem for the recording of the lip dub, Grace has a smart solution to this problem, “We want students and anyone possible to make a signs and props for students to hold up – the problem is that some students find it awkward to jump up and down in a hallway so giving something for the students to hold or do eliminates that awkwardness.”

Despite these challenges, the enthusiasm surrounding the lip dub is still intense. Senior Hannah Clancy who is auditioning for the lip dub says, “When the news first broke that the lip dub was not happening this year, myself and the other seniors where very disappointed as it a very common River Dell tradition; but, now with Grace taking charge, we are all eager to take part and help out in creating the lip dup!”. 

Students are already excited to show off their dance moves and lip-syncing skills and be part of something special. The tradition of the lip dub is an important one at our school, bringing together students from all grades to celebrate River Dell spirit. 

As plans for the lip dub continue to take shape, it is clear that this year’s event will be one of the best. With the entire school community coming together to support and participate in this tradition, the lip dub is sure to be a huge success.  

According to Mr. Traina, in order to get ahead of the roadblocks that hampered the Class of 2024’s lip dub, this year’s juniors have already begun planning for next year’s lip dub.  “They are going to have three parts.  One for the fall, winter, and spring where every team will be able to appear in the lip dub in their uniforms.”

From the catchy songs and energetic dance routines to the spirited performances from sports teams and cheerleaders, there is no doubt that this year’s lip dub will be one to remember. 

So, get ready to dance, because the lip dub is back!  


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